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Climate-Controlled Mobile Storage Comes to SWFL Only service of its kind in the US!

cool-binz bin being delivered to homeSouthwest, Fla.— Storage in Floridais a challenge! Extreme heat and humidity breeds mold and mildew, while heavy rains and insects can infiltrate storage units and damage contents in the blink of an eye. COOL-BINZ unique design and insulated climate-controlled interior solves the problem and can be delivered right to your property or jobsite.

Once on site, the BIN easily plugs into a 110v outlet to keep contents cool and protected from Florida’s harsh sun and high humidity. Onsite storage is also available at the COOL-BINZ facility in Naples

COOL-BINZ Founder and OwnerKathryn Padalino is excited to bringthis valuable service to the communi-ty. “Let’s face it – heat, humidity andstorage aren’t a good mix,” she said.“Our innovative containers offer asolution to the challenges presented bysouthwest Florida’s tropical climate, aswell as the convenience of having your stored valuables right where you want them.”

Contractors that are renovating, businesses that may be relocating, and residents who need accessible climate-controlled space for their belongings are welcoming COOL-BINZ to the area.

“This is a great service and product for people like myself who need to find sufficient storage space for our clients’ during a job,” said Greg Cook of Cook Brothers of Collier County Builders. “Being able to have an attractive container on site that is climate-controlled, and can be delivered and positioned anywhere on the property is a game changer for anyone in the business.”

cool-binz bin sitting in drivewayCOOL-BINZ 8-by-16-foot containers are fully insulated, have marine-grade wooden floors, and are constructed from steel to protect from heavy wind and rain. Barn-style doors allow for maximum interior space and are specially designed to protect from the elements. Each container is 8-foot wide and can hold up to 10,000 pounds. COOL-BINZ also now offers refrigerated walk-in cooler units.

The community is invited to stop by the COOL-BINZ facility located at 5555 Taylor Road in Naples to see our innovate products and learn why they
are superior to other storage offerings here in Florida. For information about COOL-BINZ, call 239-370-2332 or visit

Hurricane Irma Set the Stage for a New Business

March 01, 2019

By D. K. Christi | Spotlight News Magazine

Kathryn Padalino, Owner of Cool-Binz Finding safe temporary storage outside the home for valuables, whether furniture or appliances, always has been a challenge in Florida. Heat, humidity, mold, mildew, insects and driving rain can cause expen­sive damage. Kathryn Padalino, owner of Cool-Binz, created the solution after her own experience with inadequate storage.

Padalino moved to Southwest Florida from New Jersey in 2012 and set about a house renovation project that had just gotten underway when Hurricane Irma struck. Planned temporary storage of furniture, valuables and appli­ances became long-term with the aftermath of Irma’s destruction and the demands on the renovation industry.

Padalino was led to develop Cool-Binz over frustration with lack of access to her property when she needed it, lack of climate control, and shock when she discovered even her major appliances were rusting and valued leather items were molding along with the rest of her personal property.

“After more than a year of research, I realized that what I wanted did not exist – portable, climate-controlled storage with the flexibility of onsite or facility storage,” said Padalino, who then designed containers to her specifications.

Since opening in July 2018, Cool-Binz has been busy renting units. Clients include real estate agents who need storage containers while staging homes; contractors in the construction industry who need safe storage for furniture and appliances while work is done in their clients’ homes.

Cool-Binz’s all steel containers have clean, simple exteriors with a friendly logo and smooth interiors, are fully insulated and tightly sealed and have marine board floors. Each 8-by-8-by-16-foot unit is climate- controlled and also portable, brought to the user who can plug it into a normal 110 volt outlet or send the unit back to the facility where it’s charged and accessible to the client 24/7.

Cool-Binz customers can control their own storage temperature settings.

Additional options include containers that cool to 40 degrees, which may appeal to florists, or others seeking cool temperatures but not refrigeration. A Cool-Binz mobile office unit is also available for tempo­rary, on-site offices with attractive multi-paned glass doors.

With experience in home staging and design, Padalino designed stor­age units to look good at a business or home while meeting a temporary storage need.

“I am also accessible,” adds Padalino. “I answer the telephone.” Cool-Binz serves Marco Island to North Fort Myers and will go farther with additional fees. A local moving business is available for packing and unpacking services.

“Who would think it would take a woman to make storage classy,” said Padalino. “I am trying to take portable storage to another level.”

To learn more visit or phone 239-370-2332 for portable storage to park, pack and plug.

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