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COOL-BINZ Solved SWFL’s Portable Storage Issues!

COOL-BINZ was founded with one goal in mind – solve the portable storage issues facing SWFL’s residents and businesses. The harsh weather conditions here in Paradise can be challenging when storing valuable items for even short periods of time. Our intense heat, high humidity levels, heavy, wind-driven rains, and pest population can wreak havoc on your belongings. Mold and mildew waste little time in causing damage, and the high temperatures can warp, discolor or melt just about anything that is susceptible. So, here at COOL-BINZ we decided to solve this problem and produce an innovative portable storage solution that is climate-controlled and fully-insulated to change the way storage is currently done!

We offer climate-controlled portable storage that protects your valuables against heat, mold, and mildew damage. Our fully-insulated BIN easily plugs into a standard outlet and can cool on your property or ours with 24-hour access to your contents!

We designed our BINZ after extensive research on how to make them the best on the market. We discovered the best methods to create a fully insulated unit, with properly functioning climate-control, marine-grade wood floors to combat ground condensation, and the ability to easily plug into a home’s 110v outlet. They also had to be aesthetically pleasing with smooth interior and exterior walls – no rusty ocean containers here! We made them superior to the current offerings in every way. We didn’t rest there; we also found and use the most advanced delivery system in the industry that can move and place the BIN just about anywhere. Who would’ve thought improving how portable storage is done could be as easy as Park. Pack. Plug?

cool-binz dog

Meet Jersey! The COOL-BINZ Mascot

Jersey, the English Setter and COOL-BINZ mascot, is a Neapolitan native unlike his NY/NJ born and bred parents Kathryn and Ernie. He loves giving tours of his COOL-BINZ to anyone who wants to see and hear how awesome they are or he’s happy just “chilling” out in a BIN in his downtime. Jersey likes to spread the love and support local animal charities whenever and wherever he can!

Call COOL-BINZ Today for a Superior Storage Option

Reach out to the company that changed the storage industry. COOL-BINZ can now do more than protect your stored items from the elements or keep your catering items cooled during an event. We now offer our BINZ as a place to work should you need a space for an extended time. Call or visit our facility to see our COOL-BINZ mobile office rooms for yourself.

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