Creating a Better Way to do Mobile Storage

COOL-BINZ was founded with one goal in mind: to create a better portable storage option that more effectively protects stored items from damage caused by harsh weather and environmental elements. What started out as an idea to build a better product turned into a one-of-a-kind mobile storage solution to improve the industry as a whole. Since our founders’ initial mission after their own bad storage experience, COOL-BINZ has continued to grow and evolve. It’s now a game-changing mobile storage company that proudly delivers worry-free storage whenever and wherever our clients need it.

History of COOL-BINZ

Founded on Firsthand Experience

Moisture, heat, humidity, and pests wreak havoc on belongings stored in traditional mobile storage containers. COOL-BINZ founders Kathy and Ernie, along with their beloved dog Jersey, learned this firsthand when most of their own belongings were damaged or destroyed after being in storage that was not properly climate controlled.

At the time, they had recently moved down to Florida and were renting a storage unit while completing a total home renovation. Florida’s daily weather already creates tough conditions for storage, but to make matters worse, a major hurricane hit that completely crippled the region. All work on Kathy and Ernie’s home ground to a halt. All the things they had put in storage were stuck there until the house could be completed.

When they were finally able to move their belongings out of storage, Kathy and Ernie discovered that a lot of things were ruined. Items had melted or warped, appliances had yellowed, and many things were growing mold.

Cool-binz team

“There has to be a better way to do this.”

With proper climate control, the extra months that Kathy and Ernie’s items spent in storage wouldn’t have been a problem. But, as it turned out, the “climate-controlled” warehouse that their storage unit had been sitting in was really only being cooled with fans. This did little to actually combat the problematic temperatures and humidity levels.

After this experience, Kathy and Ernie thought there had to be a better way to do portable storage. So, they decided to solve the problem themselves. They got to work figuring out a way to create a fully climate-controlled mobile storage option. After extensive research and development, COOL-BINZ was born.

The innovative climate-controlled bin proved to be a game-changer and was hugely successful from the start. Clients were soon requesting additional bin variations and others were asking if the brand could be franchised. Both of which fueled the brand’s growth and trajectory toward becoming the national brand that it is today.

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Where We Are Today

COOL-BINZ became part of BELFOR Franchise Group in 2022. We’ve grown from offering one type of climate-controlled mobile storage container to carrying a full lineup of premium bin options for all types of storage needs. Today, locally owned and operated COOL-BINZ locations are able to deliver the same top-quality, innovative mobile storage solutions to communities around the country, just as Kathy and Ernie first did for their community in Florida. Whenever residential and commercial clients are looking for safe, convenient, accessible and reliable portable storage options, we’re proud to be the company they call.

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What Sets Us Apart

When we set out to create a better design for our mobile storage units, we also wanted to raise the bar for customer experience within the storage industry. That meant improving the way bins are delivered and always going the extra mile to care for our clients. Learn more about how our superior bin design, advanced delivery system, and exceptional customer service truly set us apart.

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Meet Jersey – the COOL-BINZ Mascot!

Jersey is an English Setter and the beloved companion of COOL-BINZ founders, Kathy and Ernie. Unlike his New York and New Jersey born-and-bred parents, Jersey is a Florida native. He’s been around COOL-BINZ since its inception. After spending a good portion of his life “chilling out” in or around the bins, and giving tours of his local COOL-BINZ office to anyone who stopped by, it only made sense for Jersey to become the official COOL-BINZ mascot. When he’s not busy being a greeter or tour guide, Jersey also likes to help spread love and support for local animal charities whenever and wherever he can!

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