How to Rent a Mobile Storage Unit from COOL-BINZ

A Cool & Convenient Way to Do Portable Storage

As a customer-focused and customer-first company, COOL-BINZ is committed to changing the standard of service in the portable storage industry. That’s why we crafted our customer experience as intentionally as we crafted our bins. When you choose COOL-BINZ, not only will you be renting a worry-free storage option, but you’ll also enjoy a hassle-free storage experience.

There are a few key things to know about setting up your COOL-BINZ container. For example, how it gets delivered, and what to do if you can’t park your bin rental on your property (spoiler alert: we’ve got you covered).

Step 1 Park.

PARK – We park the bin where you want it. (More on the delivery process below.)

Step 2 Pack.

PACK – You pack your items into the bin.

  • We can provide some packing pointers, or refer you to a professional packers if needed.
  • Your local COOL-BINZ team can also offer additional accessories to help keep things organized.

Step 3 Plug!

PLUG – Plug the bin into a standard 110v (non-GFCI) outlet to start the climate control system.

  • Note: even our Hybrid Refrigeration/Freezer plugs into a 110v outlet.
  • If you’re renting a Non-Climate-Controlled bin, it’s even easier – you don’t have to plug anything in.

Delivering Your COOL-BINZ Container

Once your order has been confirmed, we will schedule and notify you of your expected delivery timeframe–it will always be on or prior to your confirmed date. Your local COOL-BINZ team will deliver your mobile storage container directly to your property, and the placement is up to you. We use a specialized mule delivery system that provides maximum flexibility for bin placement–it can even fit your bin into a space as small as a parking spot!

Learn more about our advanced delivery system

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Convenient Off-Site Bin Parking

Not able to keep your bin on-site? No problem! Whether you don’t have the space on your property, or you live in a community that doesn’t allow portable storage units, COOL-BINZ can still take care of you. We offer secure, off-site Park & Plug-in storage at our own facilities, and it’s designed to be far more convenient than other portable storage or self-storage facility options.

  • 24/7 access to your container – No limited hours and no appointments required.
  • Privacy – You don’t need facility personnel to open your container, so no one will be watching or waiting while you access your stored items.
  • No access fees – Why should you have to pay to access your own belongings?
  • Delivery-friendly – Yes, you can even accept deliveries to your parked bin location!
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Insurance Coverage for Your Bin

To add another layer of protection for your bin and additional peace of mind for you, COOL-BINZ offers a couple of insurance options through Storage Protectors. Every bin rental includes “damage waiver coverage,” which covers damage to the container itself. You can also choose to add a contents insurance policy to extend coverage and protect the items you have stored inside your bin.

Visit our Bin Rental Insurance page for more detailed information about coverage options and full policy details from Storage Protectors.

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