The COOL-BINZ Difference

What sets COOL-BINZ apart? Hint: It’s much more than climate control.

Whether you’re talking about our products or our company, COOL-BINZ is built different. We knew we’d need to do more than simply add a climate-control system to our containers if we really wanted to stand out in the portable storage industry. That’s why we re-imagined three of the biggest aspects of the business–bin design and construction, bin delivery, and customer service–to address some of the biggest pain points portable storage customers often face.

Design & Construction

  • Double wall insulated icon

    Double-walled & Fully Insulated

    Properly insulated walls and ceiling

    The insulation contained within the double walls of every COOL-BINZ container is arguably our most important design feature and differentiator. This is what makes our climate control systems work efficiently and effectively. It also helps prevent and manage condensation in all bins. Even our non-climate-controlled bins stay approximately 4-5 degrees cooler because of it!

  • All-Steel Construction icon

    All-Steel Construction

    Heavy duty, seals out the elements, and won’t degrade

    COOL-BINZ got its start in Florida, so we had to make sure our products could make it through a hurricane. Our steel-framed design reinforces the containers and enhances their durability for harsh and extreme weather. Our bins have been battle-tested and can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 120mph!

  • 100% Smooth Surfaces icon

    100% Smooth Surfaces

    Interior and exterior protection

    It’s common for mobile storage pods to be manufactured with rough, corrugated (or ridged) surfaces that can scratch, snag, or otherwise damage stored items. COOL-BINZ containers, on the other hand, have completely smooth interior and exterior surfaces to better protect upholstered goods, art, and other items from damage during loading, unloading, and transport.

  • Swing-open Doors icon

    Swing-open Doors

    Maximizes interior space, weather-resistant seal

    Most other storage pods or boxes utilize roll-up doors, which can take away from interior storage space and can even get stuck shut if stored items shift the wrong way. Our bins feature swing-open doors that are user-friendly and space-friendly. The double-door design is easy to open and easy to lock, and it also provides an extra layer of weather protection thanks to the weather-resistant seal on our doors.

  • Marine-grade Wood Floors icon

    Marine-grade Wood Floors

    Water resistant and aesthetically pleasing

    These floors aren’t just a high-end finish that looks nice; they offer high-quality performance and durability, too. Marine-grade floors are slip-resistant and help control ground condensation to provide an added layer of protection against moisture damage and mold/mildew growth.

  • Built-in eTrack System icon

    Built-in eTrack System

    Secure storage & organization

    The eTrack system in our bins have a variety of attachments available that allow you to fasten items securely inside the bin. This is ideal for keeping sections of boxes, mattresses, etc. safe and secure during transport and storage. The eTrack system also equips bins to have shelving added for further storage and organization options.

Advanced Bin Delivery System

Other portable storage companies require the container to be unloaded in a straight line only and need a minimum of 30 feet for drop -off placement, which can be very limiting. At COOL-BINZ, our specialized mule delivery system adds flexibility and improves the delivery experience with the following capabilities:

  • Removes bins from the trailer and easily maneuvers into tight spaces
  • Keeps containers level during the unloading process to avoid shifting and damage to stored items
  • Can park bins just about anywhere there’s a flat surface – even places as small as a parking spot

Using this advanced method of delivery maximizes our bin placement abilities and options to ensure we can always deliver portable storage exactly where you need it.

Technician unloading rented storage bin

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations and strive to raise the bar for service in the storage industry. Here are a few of the ways we do that.

  • Locally Owned And Operated – With other storage companies, you’re often contacting a call center. COOL-BINZ locations are independently owned and operated, so when you call us, you’re calling the person you’re working with locally. This allows us to provide hands-on customer care and a more personalized service.
  • Adaptable To Special Requests – We take the time to get to know our customers and their unique storage needs, which allows us to adjust and adapt our products or services accordingly.
  • Communication – We actively and proactively communicate with our clients. Depending on your communication preferences, we’ll call or text when we’re on the way, once we’ve arrived, and when there are any other updates. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always just a call or text away.
  • We Care About Your Property – We started COOL-BINZ because we care about your stuff coming out the same way that it went into storage. We go the extra mile by doing things like placing pavement protectors under the bin and blowing off the area to clear debris that settled underneath or around your bin.
Cool-Binz technician and customer shaking hands

What Our Customers Say