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A Full Lineup of Premium Portable Storage Solutions

COOL-BINZ provides top-of-the-line climate-controlled portable storage bins for residential and commercial clients needing safe, convenient, and reliable ways to store items.

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    Climate-Controlled Bins

    Manages temperature and humidity – heats and cools as needed to maintain an ideal interior climate for preventing damage to stored items.

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    Non-Climate-Controlled Bins

    Not equipped with a climate control system, but still fully insulated and constructed with our other innovative design features to better protect stored items.

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    Mobile Office Spaces

    Fully insulated and climate-controlled portable office – equipped with lights, electric, and glass doors to create the perfect on-demand workspace.

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    Refrigerated Storage Bins

    Portable walk-in cooler with customized temperature control for convenient on-site cold storage.

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    Freezer Storage Bins

    Portable walk-in freezer with customized temperature control for convenient on-site frozen storage.

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  • By offering a better product and delivering it with exceptional service, we’re setting a new standard for the storage industry.

    With meticulous research and development and a listening ear always tuned into our clients’ wishes, we’ve developed a complete lineup of premium portable storage bins to meet all types of short-and long-term storage needs.

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