Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage?

What is Climate-Controlled Storage & Why Does it Matter?

For starters, ask yourself this question: Would you store your valuables in a dumpster with a lid?

Of course you wouldn’t! But traditional portable storage pods offer little to no protection for stored items, which can lead to a lot of ruined belongings. (Trust us, we learned the hard way.) Climate-controlled storage remedies that problem by regulating the environment inside the storage unit to better protect belongings from the elements.

When COOL-BINZ first set out to create a better portable storage product, we quickly realized the key to success was climate control. We also realized that most people don’t know or understand what it is and why it’s so important. As the only national company with a full lineup of climate-controlled containers, education is a big part of what we do for our clients. So, let us break it down for you.

Defining Climate Control

True Climate Control = Temperature Control + Humidity Control

So, what is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is any kind of storage unit that is equipped with a system that actively manages the conditions inside the unit to maintain certain temperature and humidity levels, regardless of the changing exterior conditions.

Climate control is particularly impactful when it comes to portable storage because portable storage pods are standalone containers that are kept outdoors.

You may see some storage advertised as “temperature-controlled” or “air conditioned.” These options help with temperature, but they do not manage humidity, which can often be more damaging.

True Climate Controlled storage bin rental

Why Climate Control is Important

Understanding Typical/Traditional Portable Storage Options

The majority of portable storage units on the market are NOT climate-controlled.

This means temperature and humidity are not being managed or maintained inside the bins. Because portable storage pods are kept outdoors, they’re subjected to all weather and environmental conditions. Without any climate control measures in place, daily weather, regional climate conditions, and seasonal changes can cause major fluctuations in interior temperature and moisture levels. Those changes create unfavorable conditions that put stored belongings at risk.

Man inside climate controlled bin

Understanding the Damage that Can Occur Without Climate Control

Storing valuables in a container that is not climate-controlled or insulated exposes them to heat, humidity, moisture, and other environmental elements, all of which can cause a variety of damage in a matter of weeks to months. Hot, humid, and rainy climates are especially challenging, and more often than not, most items left in unprotected storage end up warped, melted, cracked, or destroyed by mold and mildew.

Items You Should Keep in Climate-Controlled Storage

Over time, exposure to the elements will inevitably damage just about anything, but there are certain items that are particularly vulnerable and easily damaged, even in short periods of time. Here’s a list of items you should always keep in climate-controlled storage, along with some examples of the types of damage that can occur if not stored properly.

  • Art – mold/mildew; warped frames
  • Antique furniture – mold/mildew; damage to the wood finish
  • Candles – melt
  • Collectibles – mold/mildew; heat damage; color changes
  • Electronics – humidity and excess moisture can corrode electric parts
  • Fabrics – mold/mildew grows quickly
  • Heirlooms – mold/mildew; moisture can damage or degrade materials and finishes
  • Leather – mold/mildew grows quickly
  • Metal – can corrode, pit, and discolor
  • Musical instruments – warp, finish, mold
  • Papers/books – mold/mildew
  • Photographs – warp, fading or color changes, mold/mildew
  • Plastics – melts and warps; heat yellows white items like appliances; cold can make them brittle
  • Rubberized items – melt; become sticky; color changes
  • Vinyl records – warp
  • Wood Items – mold/mildew; warp with moisture and/or major temperature fluctuations
Inside of packed mobile storage bin

How Does COOL-BINZ compare to other “climate-controlled” storage options?

The secret to safer portable storage is true climate control. We learned that true climate control is best achieved through better design.
We worked hard to enhance our climate control capabilities to ensure we can offer the best climate-controlled storage out there. After years of research and development, we ended up with a first-of-its-kind mobile storage bin design that delivers a superior product and service experience to other storage companies.

Here are a few features that set our climate-controlled bins apart:

  • Adjustable climate control system – A/C, heat, humidity
  • Double-walled, fully insulated – Improves temperature and condensation control
  • All-steel construction – Heavy-duty, can withstand hurricane-force winds
  • Swing-open doors – Seals tight, maximizes interior space
  • Plugs into standard 110v outlet – Easy to use on any property

Whether it’s heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, our climate control system works in conjunction with the bin’s insulated walls and ceilings to keep the temperature consistent, combat humidity, and prevent condensation. The entire unit works together efficiently and effectively to ensure your valuables come out of storage in the same condition as they went in.

Climate controlled storage bin in driveway

Want to learn more about these design features and what else sets COOL-BINZ apart in the industry?


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