Non-Climate-Controlled Storage Bin Rentals

Not Your Average Portable Storage Bins

Fully insulated walls and ceilings, wood floors, and a completely smooth interior, the non-climate-controlled bins that COOL-BINZ offers are a step above the typical portable storage containers for rent. If you live in a mild climate, these may work for certain stored items.

Key Features of Our Non- Climate-Controlled Storage Bins

  • Double-walled & fully insulated icon

    Double-walled & fully insulated

  • Humidity & condensation controlled bin rental icon

    Helps manage condensation

  • Keeps out pests & critters icon

    Keeps out pests & critters

  • Weather-resistant icon


  • Protects against heat & humidity damage icon

    Protects against heat & humidity damage

  • Swing-open doors icon

    Swing-open doors

The Coolest Portable Storage Bins on the Market

You don’t always need climate control. Sometimes, you just want a portable storage unit that will protect your items from rain, keep out the critters, and won’t be an eyesore on your property. Our premium non-climate-controlled bins do all of that, plus a bit more.

The insulated walls and roof help keep condensation at bay, and even in warm climates, the insulation alone can keep the inside of the bin about 4-5 degrees cooler than outside temperatures. Add in fully sealed doors and water-resistant wood floors, and you have the very best protection you can get in a non-climate-controlled environment.

Ready to rent your Non-Climate-Controlled Bin?

What are Non-Climate-Controlled Bins Ideal for?

  • If you live in a mild climate (i.e. no extreme heat, cold, or humidity) or you’re only looking for short-term storage during a milder time of the year, non-climate-controlled bins can probably work for most residential or commercial needs.

    For everyone else, these portable storage containers are perfect for anything that isn’t temperature- or humidity-sensitive.

    In other words, they’re great for all those things you might store in a garage or shed.

    Here are some of the most popular items to store in non-climate-controlled bins:

    • Cleaning supplies & equipment
    • Kitchenware and housewares
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Sports equipment
    • Tools & hardware
    • Yard & landscaping supplies
  • Non-Climate-Controlled Bin Sizes Available

    Our non-climate-controlled portable storage containers come in two different sizes:

    8’ x 16’ 8’ x 20’

    Worried about space?

    No matter which size you need, our specialized delivery system ensures both can be easily maneuvered into just the right spot on your property.

The Value of Renting Our Climate-Controlled Storage Bins

When weighing the cost of renting a non-climate-controlled bin from COOL-BINZ, consider the alternatives, the value of convenience, and your own peace of mind.

If you don’t have a garage or shed, these are a much easier, faster, and cheaper option than building one–especially if you aren’t sure you’ll need the extra space permanently! Additionally, despite not having a climate control system, the superior design and construction of our portable storage containers still create a better environment for storing your belongings and can make a big difference when it comes to preventing damage.

The COOL-BINZ Difference: Superior Design & Construction

  • Double-walled & Fully Insulated icon

    Double-walled & Fully Insulated

    Double-walled & Fully Insulated

    Proper insulation keeps our bins cooler, helps prevent and manage condensation, and makes our climate control systems work more efficiently and effectively.

  • All-steel Construction icon

    All-steel Construction

    All-steel Construction

    A heavy-duty material for heavy-duty protection. Steel helps seal out the elements, withstands the strongest winds, and won’t degrade like other materials.

  • Swing-open Doors icon

    Swing-open Doors

    Swing-open Doors

    Our convenient double-door design is easier to open and close, maximizes interior storage space, and includes a weather-resistant seal.

  • Marine-grade Wood Floors icon

    Marine-grade Wood Floors

    Marine-grade Wood Floors

    A high-end look with high-end performance. This durable, water-resistant material provides another layer of protection against moisture, mold, and mildew.

  • 100% Smooth Surfaces icon

    100% Smooth Surfaces

    100% Smooth Surfaces

    Completely smooth interior and exterior surfaces are better for avoiding scratches, snags, and other damage during loading and unloading.


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