4 Expert Tips On How To Pack A COOL-BIN

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Whether you’re preparing for a big move or need extra space for temporary storage, it is crucial to take the time to pack your bin properly. Just as true climate control makes all the difference when it comes to portable storage in hot, humid climates, properly packing your bin allows for greater peace of mind that your belongings will come out in the same state as they went in.

Since there are countless factors to consider as you pack your bin, we wanted to share some key packing pointers to keep in mind. Doing so can help prevent the costly mistakes that often accompany an improperly packed bin.

Tip #1: Use eTrack Straps to Secure Your Belongings

If you have ever packed a portable storage container, you are likely already familiar with the importance of loading straps. At COOL-BINZ, we suggest using eTrack straps to secure sections of items inside the bin and avoid shifting. The walls of our bins are lined with slots that keep eTrack straps locked around your belongings until you are ready to remove them.

Tip #2: Place Tall Items Along the Bin’s Side Walls

Another key consideration to keep in mind when packing your bin is to pack tall items along the side walls of your bin. This makes it easier to secure items to the walls of the bin using eTrack straps while contributing to even weight distribution. Make sure your COOL-BIN is unplugged and off when loading to avoid condensation and humidity inside the bin.

Tip #3: Load Heavy Items at the Rear of the Bin

Speaking of even weight distribution, we suggest placing heavy items across the rear of the bin, under the blower. That being said, if you have heavy, upholstered items, make sure to wrap them before packing and never place them under the blower. Never pack items in front of or in the direct line of the blower.

Tip #4: Pack Small Items Along the Middle of the Bin

Finally, always load boxes and other small items in the middle of the bin. While it may seem best to cram these items as close together as possible, we recommend leaving some space between contents to allow for proper airflow inside the bin. Over-packing your bin can lead to improper airflow and potential damage.

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