Climate-Controlled Storage Bin Rentals

Safe & Reliable Climate-Controlled Storage Units

These bins are equipped with an efficient climate control system that manages both temperature and humidity for safer, worry-free storage conditions.

Key Features of Our Climate-Controlled Storage Bins

  • Cool-Binz climate controlled bin rental icon

    Built-in climate control system

  • Temperature controlled bin rental icon

    Prevents major temperature fluctuations

  • Humidity & condensation controlled bin rental icon

    Manages humidity & condensation

  • Inhibits mold & mildew growth icon

    Inhibits mold & mildew growth

  • Protects against heat & humidity damage icon

    Protects against heat & humidity damage

  • Plugs into standard 110v (non-GFCI) outlet icon

    Plugs into standard 110v (non-GFCI) outlet

The Coolest Climate-Controlled Storage Units on the Market

We set out to create a better portable storage solution, and these bins are what put us on the map. Operating in conjunction with the bin’s fully insulated walls and ceiling, the built-in climate control system heats and cools as needed while also keeping humidity levels in check. The entire unit works together seamlessly and efficiently to maintain a temperate interior climate.

When you combine these capabilities with the other innovative design features that give COOL-BINZ containers an edge over typical storage pods, the result is a truly superior, one-of-a-kind climate-controlled storage unit that more effectively inhibits mold growth and prevents damage caused by extreme heat or cold.

Ready to rent your Climate-Controlled Bin?

Who and What is Climate-Controlled Storage Ideal for?

  • Our portable climate-controlled storage rentals meet all types of short- or long-term storage needs for both residential and commercial clients.

    Some of our most common clients include:

    • Homeowners
    • Builders & Remodelers
    • Brick-and-Mortar Stores
    • Property & Facility Managers
    • Disaster Restoration Companies

    No matter what you’re storing, our climate-controlled bins are going to offer the best protection for your belongings. But there are also certain items that should always be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit because they are temperature-sensitive and/or humidity-sensitive.

    Here are a few types of items that need climate-controlled storage:

    • Art & Antiques
    • Appliances
    • Books, papers, and important documents
    • Building materials such as flooring and drywall
    • Electronics
    • Heirlooms & collectibles
    • Upholstered furniture, rugs, and other fabric
    • Wood furniture or decor
  • Climate-Controlled Bin Sizes Available

    To better accommodate our clients, our climate-controlled mobile storage units come in two different sizes:

    8’ x 16’ 8’ x 20’

    Worried about space?

    No matter which size you need, our specialized delivery system ensures both can be easily maneuvered into just the right spot on your property.

The Value of Renting Our Climate-Controlled Storage Bins

When weighing the cost of renting a climate-controlled storage unit from COOL-BINZ, the best advice we have is this: consider the value of the most expensive item(s) you’ll be storing, and then compare that against the cost of the bin rental. The unfortunate truth is that many things people put into portable storage end up getting damaged or ruined beyond repair. We’ve seen and experienced it firsthand, which is why we designed our climate-controlled storage bins in the first place.

We created premium portable storage to provide premium protection for your most valuable items. So, whether it’s an expensive piece of equipment or a priceless family heirloom, we promise it’s worth it to ensure all of those items come out of storage in the same condition that they went in.

The COOL-BINZ Difference: Superior Design & Construction

  • Double-walled & Fully Insulated icon

    Double-walled & Fully Insulated

    Double-walled & Fully Insulated

    Proper insulation keeps our bins cooler, helps prevent and manage condensation, and makes our climate control systems work more efficiently and effectively.

  • All-steel Construction icon

    All-steel Construction

    All-steel Construction

    A heavy-duty material for heavy-duty protection. Steel helps seal out the elements, withstands the strongest winds, and won’t degrade like other materials.

  • Swing-open Doors icon

    Swing-open Doors

    Swing-open Doors

    Our convenient double-door design is easier to open and close, maximizes interior storage space, and includes a weather-resistant seal.

  • Marine-grade Wood Floors icon

    Marine-grade Wood Floors

    Marine-grade Wood Floors

    A high-end look with high-end performance. This durable, water-resistant material provides another layer of protection against moisture, mold, and mildew.

  • 100% Smooth Surfaces icon

    100% Smooth Surfaces

    100% Smooth Surfaces

    Completely smooth interior and exterior surfaces are better for avoiding scratches, snags, and other damage during loading and unloading.


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