Portable Cold Storage Bin Rentals

Flexible & Functional Temporary Cold Storage

These refrigerated storage bins are equipped with customizable temperature control, allowing them to refrigerate or freeze depending on the unit and your needs. They’re designed with ground-level entry and a pallet-friendly door for both safety and convenience and, like our other bins, they can be carefully delivered and placed exactly where you need them–even in tight spaces. Wherever and whenever you need temporary cold storage, COOL-BINZ has you covered.

Key Features of our Portable Cold Storage Bins

  • Cold temperature range icon

    Refrigeration and freezer capabilities

  • Ground-level entry icon

    Ground-level entry

  • Pallet-sized door icon

    Pallet-sized door

  • Walk-through plastic strip curtain icon

    Walk-through plastic strip curtain

  • Interior lighting icon

    Interior lighting

  • Plugs into standard 110v (non-GFCI) outlet icon

    Plugs into standard 110v (non-GFCI) outlet with 20 amp circuit

The Coolest Portable Cold Storage Rental Bins on the Market

Cold storage is a hot commodity! Before we built our first fridge or freezer option, we had clients from a variety of industries asking us about temporary refrigeration solutions. So, once we began developing our portable cold storage containers, we knew they would need to work for all types of clients. After many rounds of redesign, refinement, and testing, we ended up with a cold storage unit suitable for virtually any setting. Our innovative refrigeration and freezer storage unit is designed to deliver maximum flexibility and convenience wherever you need a portable walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer.

From Portable Refrigerator to Portable Freezer, we have you covered.

With refrigeration and freeze capabilities, these bins provide maximum flexibility when it comes to temporary cold storage. Our innovative refrigeration and freezer storage units are designed to deliver maximum flexibility and convenience wherever you need a portable walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer.

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Who & What is Portable Cold Storage Ideal For?

  • The versatile and adjustable range of these bins makes them the ideal on-site portable cold storage bin for a wide range of clients. Depending on your needs, these storage units can be utilized for on-site refrigeration or onsite freezer use.

    • Restaurants & Bars – Extra walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer during peak season, emergency refrigeration
    • Caterers & Food Trucks – Festivals, special events
    • Country Clubs & Golf Courses – Beverage cooler for golf tournaments and special events
    • Florists – On-site floral cooler to prevent wilting and preserve arrangements at venues
    • Restoration Contractors – Jobsite freezer for ice storage or documents recovery
    • Frozen Food Distributors – Portable freezer to keep contents frozen during delivery
    • Pharmacies & Medical Facilities – Storage of temperature-sensitive medical supplies, vaccinations, and other contents
  • Practical Dimensions

    Our portable cold storage bins are 7’ x 12’. This compact size maximizes the efficiency of the cooling components and makes them a practical option for all types of venues.

    7’ x 12’

    Careful Delivery

    Instead of a heavy roll-off truck or trailer dropping off your cold storage rental, we use a mule system as part of our delivery. The mule fits in smaller spaces, and can place your container precisely where you need it.

The Value of Renting our Practical & Portable Cold Storage Bins

For as many people and businesses that could use temporary refrigerated storage, there are surprisingly few solutions available that make sense for their needs. How practical a cold storage bin is depends largely on how portable it is. Practicality and portability are two factors that set our portable cold storage containers apart. Their compact size, innovative delivery system and flexible operation all add to the convenience of our refrigeration and freezer bins.

The COOL-BINZ Difference: Superior Design & Construction

  • Ground-Level Entry icon

    Ground-Level Entry

    Ground-Level Entry

    A reliable entrypoint that allows for easier access and safer entry and loading.

  • Pallet-Sized, Swing-Open Door icon

    Pallet-Sized, Swing-Open Door

    Pallet-Sized, Swing-Open Door

    Our convenient, pallet-friendly design is easier to open and allows you to conveniently load your contents into your walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer.

  • Walk-Through Plastic Strip Curtain icon

    Walk-Through Plastic Strip Curtain

    Walk-Through Plastic Strip Curtain

    This acts as an additional barrier against temperature fluctuations by helping keep the cold air inside as you enter and exit the unit.

  • Interior Lighting icon

    Interior Lighting

    Interior Lighting

    Since windows aren’t viable options for cold storage containers, impeccable interior lighting is crucial for these bins to be fully functional.

  • Diamond Plate Flooring for Traction icon

    Diamond Plate Flooring for Traction

    Diamond Plate Flooring for Traction

    This flooring option adds much-needed traction to help prevent slips and falls on the otherwise slippery floors of your cold storage rental.

  • Interior Safety Latch icon

    Interior Safety Latch

    Interior Safety Latch

    Each refrigeration and freezer bin includes an interior safety latch – a requirement to prevent anyone from getting stuck inside!

  • Plugs Into Standard 110v (non-GFCI) Outlet with 20 Amp Circuit icon

    Plugs Into Standard 110v (non-GFCI) Outlet with 20 Amp Circuit

    Plugs Into Standard 110v (non-GFCI) Outlet with 20 Amp Circuit

    Our streamlined design and flexible power requirements make cold storage as easy as Park. Pack. Plug!


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