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COOL-BINZ is the Solution for Your Industry’s Storage Needs!

COOL-BINZ is the storage solution for all types of industries and customer needs! Builders and remodelers can offer our services while they perform theirs. Clients will feel safer knowing their items are still safely on the property that is being built or remodeled when safely stored in our all steel, securely lockable containers. Designers can use COOL-BINZ to safely store items they are preparing for staging, saving them trips back and forth. Event planners and florists can utilize our services to keep flowers and food in our new XTRA-COOL-BIN that maintains temperatures in the mid to high 40’s. Speak to one of our representatives today as we have many different applications for the use of our COOL-BINZ products.

Businesses and Residents of SWFL Trust COOL-BINZ

We understand that there are other temporary storage bins that you can choose. We are pleased you have made the right choice of using the climate-controlled storage units from COOL-BINZ. Here are some of the benefits you receive by working with COOL-BINZ:

cool-binz dog

All our COOL-BINZ are insulated, so even our basic non-climate-controlled BINZ stay 4-5 degrees cooler, and the insulation and marine wood floors control condensation. COOL-BINZ interior walls are all smooth finished with built-in E-track systems for securing valuables with E-straps. COOL-BINZ heavy-duty steel construction can sustain hurricane force winds.

Delivery System

PODS and PackRat require the container to be unloaded in a straight line only and need a minimum of 30 feet for drop off placement, which can be very limiting. COOL-BINZ advanced delivery system removes our BIN from the trailer, keeps it level, and then maneuvers into tight spots to park it just about anywhere if the surface allows.

How Can COOL-BINZ Help Your Business?

Our BINZ can be used for so much more than short-term storage at homes and construction sites. We are constantly looking to upgrade and customize the use of our COOL-BINZ so that all businesses in Southwest Florida can take advantage of our services. Below are some of the benefits local companies have experienced with COOL-BINZ:

Builders & Remodelers
  • Add on service to set you apart from your competition
  • Storage of heat and humidity sensitive materials (flooring, etc.) equipment and tools
  • No need to touch or move customer’s belongings, avoid breakage and theft and it’s 1/3 cheaper than a moving company
  • Safely store client’s valuables during remediations
  • On-site mobile office options that can be stored at our facility between jobs
  • Co-branding opportunities available via signs with their logo on BIN Sides
Local Moves & Short Term Storage
  • About 1/3 cheaper than moving companies
  • Pack and unpack on your time – anytime!
  • Valuables stay safely on-site without the theft and damage risks associated with movers
Designers/Home Stagers
  • Safely store pre-ordered design items for one time deliveries or staging days
  • Store customers unused items while home is staged for sale
  • Available facility parking with 24 hour deliveries
  • Cash Back Rewards for more than 1 move within 30 days
  • Referral fees for customers purchasing and renovating homes or local moves
  • Why we’re a better choice for their customers – see Local Moves above
  • Co-branding opportunities available
Country Clubs
  • Additional event storage of chairs, tablecloths, golf pro shop clothing storage etc. Refrigeration Bin for additional cold storage
  • Schools/Churches w/schools or Daycare
  • Store supplies, gym equipment, tables & chairs
  • Items used for weddings or funerals
Disaster Cleanup Services
  • Climate-controlled portable storage on the jobsite for storage of heat and humidity sensitive supplies.
  • An add on service to set you apart from your competition.
  • Easy, safe storage of clients’ possessions during a remediation.
  • Co-branding opportunities and profit sharing plans.
  • Walk-in Refrigeration for your large loss division.
  • Air conditioned mobile office with lighting & electric.
Insurance Adjusters
  • Referral fee income stream from clients during disasters
Property Managers
  • Referral fee income stream from your home association unit owners during their damage repairs or remodeling.
  • Aesthetically pleasing containers and logo and a delivery system that can easily park the BIN in tight spaces and out of the way to help appease HOA hesitations and restrictions
Senior Housing Facilities
  • Store renovation materials during renovations and turn-over of units
  • Referral fee income stream from unit owners when they transport and store their items while waiting to move in
Brick & Mortar Stores
  • Additional storage for your product inventory that would be cheaper than renting more retail space
  • Your inventory parked right out back with easy access from your store
  • Perfect for flooring and carpeting stores and installers
  • Restaurants, bars, caterers, food delivery companies
  • New 8×16 refrigeration bins available now
  • 7.6’ ”W x 10.5’ L x 7.6’ H Refrigerated area with overhead lighting and a 5 x 8 staging or extra storage area with electric for portable freezer placement and shelving
  • 1/3 cost of current refrigerated trailers on the market and larger!
  • Our delivery system can park the BIN in tight spaces behind restaurants and at events

Non Climate-Controlled Portable Sheds are Now a Thing of the Past!

Looking for additional space on your property and are considering a wooden shed to store your possessions? Why not purchase or rent your own climate-controlled COOL-BIN? It’s a heavy-duty and fully insulated portable shed that can be placed anywhere on your property. Our BINZ are aesthetically pleasing, have marine-grade wood floors, all-steel walls, doors, and roofs that are fully insulated and feature smooth interior and exterior surfaces. They easily plug into your home’s 110v outlet and are extremely economical to operate. Our BINZ can withstand SWFL’s harsh weather elements, unlike wooden sheds. Do you need climate-controlled storage for your work tools and equipment? Need to preserve feed and hay from mold for livestock or just need extra home goods storage? We have the solution for you! Call for additional details.

COOL-BINZ Mobile Office Space for Your Worksite or Event Planning

Who wants to work inside an ugly ocean container with metal barred windows when you can sit inside our aesthetically pleasing, portable office spaces with glass doors, overhead lighting, electric and wood floors? Our E-track system lets you mount shelving for organized storage space, and our outer doors are securely lockable. Our COOL-BINZ mobile areas are perfect for fairs, events, country club outings, and worksite office space during the building and remodeling process. Need a home office or studio and don’t want the expense of adding on more space to your home? Just plug our BINZ into a 110v outlet on your property, and you have the space you need.

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