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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't park a bin on my property?

We offer on-site BIN storage parking, complete with electrical plug-ins, for an additional small fee.

What restrictions do we have when you deliver a container to our property?

We ask that you measure and check to see if you have a flat level and dry area to accommodate our 8’W x 16’L x 8’H container. Unlike our competition, with our unique delivery system, we can drop and park our COOL-BINZ just about anywhere on your property. When our competitors say no, we can usually say yes! See our video on!

Are the containers weatherproof?

With our custom-designed COOL-BINZ, you will get the absolute best-made container that will give your valuables the best chance to remain dry and free from unwanted elements. Unlike many of our competitors who have the old fashioned roll up doors, our barn style sealed doors and heavy-duty insulated BINZ give you the best chance against the weather and pests here in SWFL.

Do you have moving and packing help?

We offer a third-party, trusted, and local Naples moving and packing company if you need help packing and moving.

How does a BINZ rental work?

COOL-BINZ will drop off one of our state-of-the-art insulated storage/moving BINZ. You take your time loading the container on your schedule, not ours. No need for big trucks or cumbersome ramps or lifts. The BINZ is placed conveniently on your property at ground level. You have an option to leave it stored on your property, or we can move it locally or even store it at our secure facility in Naples.

Do you only rent climate-controlled Binz?

Glad you asked! We also rent Binz without our AC feature for those projects that do not require climate-controlled storage.

What are your refrigerator container dimensions?

Interior size of refrigeration is 7.6’W x 7.6’H x 10.5’ L. The extra storage prep area (non-refrigeration interior is 4’W x 8’H x 2’L) The exterior portable container is 8’W x 8’H x 16’L and meets NSF requirements. Our doors measure: 42” wide with a 38” opening and feature a heavy-duty plastic curtain to aid in keeping the chill inside when doors are open, and our COOL-BINZ doors have the required interior safety latch. The exterior doors of the container are securely lockable.

What if I wanted to purchase one of your units?

We are happy to sell one of our units. Since each is custom made to our specifications, we ask you to give us ample lead-time to accommodate your delivery requirements. Call for additional details.

What are they made of?

The COOL-BINZ containers are the most advanced portable storage containers currently available on the market. Our COOL-BINZ containers are custom made to our strict specifications to help combat intense elements such as heat, rain, mold, and humidity. All of our BINZ are fully insulated, and our deluxe models are cooled efficiently with our built-in air conditioners that easily plug into a regular home 110v electrical outlet. Our walls are made of smooth metal, both inside and out, with extra insulation to keep your valuables safe! Our doors are designed for a tight seal to keep out unwanted bugs, water, and elements. The marine grade floors hold up to the harshest elements, and our insulated metal roof helps to keep your valuables extra COOL!

Are your binz easy and inexpensive to operate?

Yes they are! Our unit has an easy to read and use control panel and each comes with it’s own remote control for temperature settings. Once it is set, you are good to go. (For added peace of mind, we set it and test it for you before we go!) Our climate-control system and insulation make our BINZ very efficient. The average cost to operate is $10 dollars a month depending on weather conditions.

What areas do you cover?

We cover just about all of Southwest Florida. We are a local business in the heart of Naples, Florida. Delivery rates quoted are for deliveries within our 25-mile radius. Additional charges apply to delivery and pick up, if outside our delivery radius.

What about hurricanes here in Florida?

Our BINZ are all steel constructed and are manufactured to sustain 120 mph winds.

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