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COOL-BINZ Refrigeration Containers Have the Chill Factor

Whether you need a refrigerated cooler, or freezer storage that cools to zero for a catered event, fair, during remodeling of your restaurant, or you just need extra space to store perishable food items, call locally owned & operated COOL-BINZ to learn how our double-insulated and portable refrigerated and freezer containers are what you’re looking for!

Our specially designed BINZ are a snap to use and operate, and offer ground level access unlike refrigerated trailers. Our refrigeration BINZ simply plug into 110v/20 amp outlet to avoid the additional expense of having a 220v dedicated line, or the cost, noise and fumes associated with diesel and gas generators, and can be easily parked in tight spaces. They offer great cost saving solutions by providing extended shelf life to many products. By keeping your items at the desired temperature, COOL-BINZ refrigeration units will help maintain the quality of many items like food, beverages, specialized chemicals and vaccines.

Caterers, restaurants and bars, country clubs and just about anyone who has need for easily accessible chilled space will love our BINZ. Our advanced delivery system can maneuver our BINZ just about anywhere in and out of tight spaces. Need it parked behind your restaurant, hotel or catering facility with the doors facing forward or back? No problem! We can park it in the optimal location so it’s convenient and easily accessible when and where you need it.

exterior cool binz bin

Why Choose COOL-BINZ Refrigerated Coolers & Freezers

COOL-BINZ main focus is fostering successful partnerships by offering personalized customer service and creating strong relationships with all of our local business owners. When our restaurant, brewery, catering, and country club friends call us to help with an event, they can count on our refrigerated & freezer units to help keep their food and beverages cold or frozen, transportable, and easily accessible throughout their special event, or during remodels.

  • 8’ W x 16’ L x 8’ H. Exterior
  • 7.6’ W x 10.5’ L x 7.6’ H. Interior
  • 4’ W x 8’ H x 2’ D of additional non-refrigerated space with lights and electrical outlet for dry goods storage, or additional freezer placement.
  • Refrigerated Coolers plug into a 110v line.
  • Freezer Coolers require a dedicated 220v line.

Call COOL-BINZ for Additional Refrigerated Storage or Freezer Space

Food & Beverage Industry

Perishable products like meat, vegetables, fish, and fruits can spoil quickly if not stored in the proper environment.
With so much of your limited kitchen area dedicated to food prepping and cooking, many restaurants look to us to help with beer and wine storage outside of their facilities. Extend the lifespan of your products by keeping them in one of our specially designed COOL-BINZ.

Commercial Kitchen Renovations

Is a remodel or repair of your commercial kitchen planned? COOL-BINZ portable onsite refrigeration can help streamline your project. Plug our COOL-BINZ refrigeration into a standard non-GFI 110v line, and you are ready to go. Our walk-in refrigeration and freezer units are all at ground level, making your project a safer and more manageable.


Seafood & Meat Distribution

COOL-BINZ can help with your valuable seafood or meat inventory by keeping it stored in a clean refrigerated environment with easy ground-level access at your docks or distribution center. If you need extra portable refrigeration anywhere, COOL-BINZ is your perfect partner.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies

Strict temperature-controlled environments are required to keep vaccines safe and effective. Many pharmaceutic products need to be stored at a regulated and maintained temperature which makes our COOL-BINZ refrigerated portable storage container a perfect solution for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Call COOL-BINZ When You Need Extra Refrigeration Storage

When you need assistance at an event where you must keep your catering supplies fresh, count on the quality of COOL-BINZ cooler units. Our refrigerated units are easy to park and the exteriors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing with whisper quiet operation. No generator is required, they plug right into a standard non-GFI outlet. Reach out to us today to learn more about our innovative products.

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