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Read Reviews From Real Customers

Needed a delivered storage unit for furniture while our floors were tiled. Cool-Binz in the Naples area IS the way to go. Great air conditioned units; professionally delivered; great communication with owners; great value … terrific company. Highly recommend!

Janet Sherlock-Bitseff, 01/06/2020

These guys are the best!!! It was an absolute pleasure working with them in the midst of a transition to our new house! We can’t even say how thankful we were to have found the only cool bin company in the country in our own backyard! Very thankful and would recommend you use them all day long! No better way to store your valuables in an air conditioned unit in humid/hot FL! Thank you all so much!!

Jeremy Shelford, 01/06/2020

Great concept. Great service.

Molly Smith, 11/12/2019

In order to repair damage from Irma, we needed to remove many personal belongings and furnishings that we had stored in our garage. Amazingly, the "bin" held everything, including approx. 8 large steel shelving units filled with tools, books , overflow kitchen equipment, seasonal decorations, workbench, bike, brand new generator! (in case of Irma 2?!), lawn equipment, and much more!! It was so convenient to have the bin right in our driveway in case we needed something. The huge wide interior still allowed us to walk in and out easily for loading and unloading. Everything stayed dry and clean. They were so nice to deal with- the bin was delivered and picked up right when expected. Highly recommend!

Sharon Berke, 11/05/2019

I used these guys and they were awesome! They were a life saver while we were renovating our home. We were able to store everything right in our driveway in an air-conditioned bin. They couldn't of made it any easier.

J. Pierro, 07/16/2019

I wanted to let you know that our client called today to thank me for referring them to you. They were so blown away by how well the Bin worked and your customer service that they will never us a pods again. I will gladly continue to refer you to our clients!

S. Farese, 07/12/2019

What a great idea! As the owner of ProFloors and Cabinets, I have had the privilege of using Cool-binz. Here in Florida, humidity is such a factor in acclimating flooring and cabinets prior to installation. With the Cool-binz, we are now able maintain temperature and humidity for these products practically anywhere. We have also found Cool-binz to be useful in a remodeling situation. Removing existing floors can sometimes cause quite a bit of dust. With Cool-binz, our customer can avoid costly moving expense to a warehouse as well as minimized any possible damage to their furniture with a moving truck. They have proven to be fantastic to work with and extremely accommodating in every way.

Cedric Eckenrode, 07/03/2019

Having our belongings in a climate-controlled unit at your Naples property gave us peace of mind, particularly when we had to keep things in storage longer than we had anticipated. The process of getting the Cool Bin to our location was seamless and having access to our items at any time was convenient and time saving. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them over Pods or Packrat next time.

D. St.Lifer, 06/13/2019

We used Cool Binz and would highly recommend. The huge perk to Cool Binz was having our belongings on our property and easily accessible. If I needed something, I could go right outside and get it! The bin was delivered right on schedule, plugged into our electric and we began moving our items into it at our convenience. The owner was fantastic to work with, were very reliable and returned my calls promptly.

S.Kelly , 05/25/2019

This is a great service and product for people like myself who need to find sufficient storage space for our clients’ during a job. Being able to have an attractive container on site that is climate-controlled, and can be delivered and positioned anywhere on the property is a game changer for anyone in the business.

Cook Brothers of Collier County Builders, 03/23/2019

I highly recommend Cool Binz. Great concept! Scheduling was easy, pickup/delivery was timely and nothing was damaged during transportation. They are great people. Please support them!

Jack, 04/23/2020

We recently went through a five month renovation. I googled storage pods since I think they are such a great idea over an actual storage unit. They save a lot of work since one only has to load and unload once. I spoke with a couple well known chains and then I called and spoke with Cool Binz. They were very friendly and professional and answered all of my questions. I loved the concept of the actual unit being climate controlled so decided to use them. The pod was delivered and we took a couple days to load it and then they picked it up and stored at their facility. You can also store elsewhere if there is a non GFI outlet. We ended up needing them a lot longer than we had expected so were thrilled that everything we finally unloaded was in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Cool Binz and would not hesitate to use them in the future.

Ruby Troiano, 04/16/2020

Cool-Binz was fantastic. They went out of their way to work with our tight schedule. It worked out beautifully. Thanks for helping our move go more smoothly.

Jay Tull, 05/14/2020

We own a flower shop in Lehigh Acres, FL (Bright Petals Florist) and had contacted Kathryn about renting one of their Cool-Binz and was extremely glad we did. Our extremely busy Mother's day was a success and a lot of that was because of the convenience of the extra cooler space we had for the deliveries. It enabled us to have a place to store our deliveries so delivery people weren't having to come in and out of shop to load there vans. Thank you for the wonderful service you provided. Would highly recommend Cool-Binz

Bright Petals Florist

They did everything we asked "spot on"! Great Value and very easy to work with. Kathryn was professional, accurate and a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend!!

Michelle Lesnau, 05/28/2020

The Cool Binz staff are topnotch. They have helped me on several occasions with cooler rentals when I am remodeling a store or building's cooler. They have been right there for me. It is truly amazing to see their delivery method. They can fit their bins in almost any space with real precision.

Wise Mechanical, 08/02/2020

I have used PODS many times in the past, but I now use COOL-BINZ because they offer air conditioned units. Since I switched to COOL-BINZ, I haven’t had any of my items get damaged due to the weather.

Deb, 08/07/2020

I was moving and wanted to store my items in a secure and air conditioned location. I was so excited to learn that I could have the same benefits as a storage facility right in my own driveway!

K.McIntosh, 08/11/2020

We have worked with COOL-BINZ for several months to create secure storage during our home improvement projects. Regardless of location, COOL-BINZ has consistently delivered great service and a “cool” storage unit.

CB Construction, 08/18/2020

We needed a storage bin just for ten days. Cool Binz had a special "flooring deal" which is what we needed to replace floors in our condo. We were very satisfied placing our furniture in the climate controlled Binz to make the work go smoothy. We highly recommend this company! The owner was very accommodating.

R. Keough, 12/07/2020

Cool-Binz made the move out of our home while we underwent a 10 month renovation so easy. Their friendly customer service was ready to help us at a moments notice.
After our renovation was complete, I held my breath when we opened our pod, expecting to find broken items or finding things that had shifted out of place during the transportation, but everything was exactly how we packed it.
Thank you for making this so easy!

L. Gentzle, 12/15/2020

Superb service from our vendor partnership with the Cool Binz team. Honest, professional packers, movers, and climate controlled binz. Packed and moved 2,000 SF of contents in 2 days.

Rapid Response Team, 01/07/2020

Kathryn was awesome to work with. The Cool-binz was a very clever idea. I had an issue with my key one Saturday morning gave them a call and they came right over and got it taken care of. Would highly recommend this company as you can store at your home or at the facility. Made getting to my things as we sold our home and were in the process of building much easier.

Melissa Colossimo, 01/05/2021

Reliable, efficient service. Clean and secure storage with NO mold after 14 months of storage in Florida heat and humidity

Lorraine Stuart, 03/26/2021

We had Kathryn provide us with a Cool-Bin so we can refinish our garage floor. They were professional and a great communicator. They did a great job!

Ray Pezeshkan, 03/26/2021

Just wanted to say what a great experience working with Cool Binz instead of Pods was on our past project. Having the bin there to store our building supplies definitely helped us complete this renovation on time and the temperature control worked without a hitch. They delivered on time, relocated it on the job site to help us out, and picked it up as promised. Highly recommend this company and will use them exclusively going forward.

Mike Hilton, 08/27/2021

The people who own and operate this business are down to earth, honest, attentive, and very personal. They always deliver what they promise, their rates are competitive and fair, and the service is impeccable! Their cool binz storage units are always clean and well maintained. Best bang for the buck and they deliver!

JP Macnespie, 03/23/2022

The staff was friendly, accommodating, and punctual. Efficient service that made a stressful move that much easier! Thank you!!!

Danielle F., 05/02/2021

Worth every single bit of it! Peace of mind is a great thing to have when moving. Thank you for the smiling people too!!

Marie, 05/11/2021

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