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Climate-controlled storage is great for personal belongings you don’t want damaged by heat and humidity, but what about storing items that need to be cold or even frozen? Cool-Binz new refrigerated and freezer line-up answers that question.

This is why more restaurants, caterers and contractors are turning to Cool-Binz for refrigerated storage and freezer coolers. Whether the local cafe needs additional space for perishables, or a commercial kitchen is being renovated, having an on-site, easily accessible cooler or freezer is the perfect solution.

All walk-in units are ground level for easy access, and get plugged into a 110v line for refrigeration or 220v for a freezer, which can be set to zero degrees for a hard freeze. Cool-Binz unique delivery system allows any unit to be maneuvered and parked in even the tightest spot.

The need for portable refrigerated or freezer space goes well beyond the food and beverage industry. Medical and pharmaceutical companies require cold storage for vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic kits, for example. Florists, too, see the benefits of having additional cold storage to keep their inventory stocked and fresh.

Businesses today more than ever are looking for ways to keep costs down, which often means buying inventory in bulk at low prices. When space is an issue for items that need to stay cold or frozen, a refrigerated cooler or freezer unit makes financial sense.