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A Cooler Way to do Portable Storage

Delivering innovative, climate-controlled portable storage solutions for residential & commercial customers

COOL-BINZ provides top-of-the-line climate-controlled portable storage for clients needing safe, convenient, and reliable ways to store their items. With a patent-pending design, our all-steel, fully insulated containers effectively seal out moisture, and our efficient climate control maintains both temperature and humidity to prevent mold growth and other damage.

We have Climate-Controlled Bins, Refrigerated Bins, Freezer Bins, and Mobile Office Spaces available. Schedule your portable storage rental today!

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Storing valuables in a container that is not climate controlled or insulated exposes them to potential damage caused by heat, humidity, moisture, and other environmental elements. Hot, humid, and rainy climates like Florida are especially challenging, and more often than not, most items left in unprotected storage end up warped, melted, cracked, or destroyed by mold and mildew.

COOL-BINZ was created to change that. Our climate-controlled bins are uniquely designed to better protect your valuables and prevent damage caused by exposure to harsh daily weather, regional climate conditions, and seasonal changes.

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The Anatomy of COOL-BINZ

The secret to safer portable storage is true climate control. True climate control is achieved through better design.

After years of research and development, we ended up with a first-of-its-kind mobile storage bin design that delivers a superior product and service experience than other storage companies. Here’s what sets our bins apart:

  • Adjustable climate control system – A/C, heat, humidity
  • Double-walled, fully insulated – improves temperature and condensation control
  • All-steel construction – heavy duty, can withstand hurricane-force winds
  • Plugs into standard 110v outlet – easy to use on any property
  • Swing-open doors – maximizes interior space

The entire unit works together efficiently to effectively combat humidity, prevent condensation, and keep temperature consistent inside the bin, so your valuable come out of storage in the same condition as they went in.

Discover the COOL-BINZ difference for yourself!

Contact us today to schedule your bin rental: 239-370-2332

COOL-BINZ offers a Full Lineup of Premium Storage Solutions

We have several types of portable storage units to accommodate a variety of short-term and long-term storage needs. Our full product line includes the following types of bins:

  • Climate-Controlled Bins
    • Manages temperature and humidity to keep items as warm or cool as necessary while also preventing moisture issues
    • Sizes Available: 8′ x 16′ and 8′ x 20′
  • Non-Climate-Controlled Bins
    • Not equipped with a climate control system, but still fully insulated to better protect stored items
    • Sizes Available: 8′ x 16′ and 8′ x 20′
  • Mobile Office Space
    • Fully insulated and climate controlled, plus equipped with lights, electric, and glass doors to maintain a comfortable working environment
    • Sizes Available: 8′ x 16′ and 8′ x 20′
  • Refrigerated Storage
    • Portable walk-in cooler with ground-level entry and customized temperature control
    • Sizes Available: 8′ x 16′
  • Freezer Storage
    • Portable walk-in freezer with deep freeze capabilities and customized temperature control
    • Sizes Available: 8′ x 16′
Items that can be damaged easily if not stored properly
  • Art – mold/mildew – warped frames
  • Antique furniture – mold/mildew/damage to wood finish
  • Candles – melt
  • Collectibles – heat damage, color changes,mold/mildew
  • Electronics – moisture from humidity can corrode electric parts
  • Fabrics – mold/mildew grows quickly
  • Heirlooms -moisture/mold/mildew
  • Leather – grows mold/mildew quickly
  • Metal – can pit and discolor
  • Musical instruments – warp, finish, mold
  • Papers/books – mold/mildew
  • Photographs – warp, color changes/mold/mildew
  • Plastics – heat yellows white items like appliances TV remotes; melts and warps
  • Rubberized items – melt – color changes – becomes sticky
  • Vinyl records – warp

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