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Cool Binz climate-controlled portable storage container


At COOL-BINZ we’re dedicated to serving our community, including helping those who were impacted by Hurricane Ian. While we know the recovery process will take time, we are here to help you in the restoration of your home or business. In response to the overwhelming need for storage in our area’s recovery from the hurricane, COOL-BINZ, and our parent company BELFOR Property Restoration, are making as many storage bins available to the community as we can.

Call COOL-BINZ for Your Storage Needs

If you have a need for a storage container for your home or business, please reach out to our team and we can help you get your project underway.

Contact Us for a Custom Quote

If you would prefer someone from our team reach out to you, please provide us with the best way to contact you.

Storage BINZ Available for Rent

As our community continues to rebuild and restore from the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, COOL-BINZ will continue to offer a full product line-up of storage options, including portable storage containers as well as climate-controlled portable storage bins and mobile offices.

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