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Portable storage units are an essential component in just about any move or outdoor project, but not every unit can get the job done efficiently. In SWFL’s intense climate, it is crucial to account for the (very) possible complications that tag along with outdoor storage, such as material damage, mold, and mildew. There is a name for the first and only storage bin on the market that can resolve these issues: COOL-BINZ! Here are 10 unique facts that make us the safest and smartest option for your portable storage needs.


1. Climate-controlled and Fully Insulated

First thing’s first! COOL-BINZ are capable of so much more than circulating cool air. Our BINZ go the extra mile with special climate-controlling technology that regulates the temperature inside, removes the moisture, and locks out the heat. We are the safest route to store your items in SWFL’s harsh sun, short or long-term!

2. Weather Resistant

With rainy season in full swing, water can pose a huge threat to outdoor storage. Thankfully, COOL-BINZ has you covered. H2O damage is no longer a concern with our sealed doors and roof! But it doesn’t stop there, our BINZ are steel constructed and able to sustain up to 120 mph winds. That’s a category 3 hurricane! This precaution is a must in Southwest Florida!

3. Placed with a Unique Delivery System

Unlike other containers, COOL-BINZ are transported and placed with ease. Competition such as PODS and PackRat require their units to be placed in a straight line with a minimum of 30 feet for placement. This can drastically limit how and where you use the unit! With your BIN, you will have the freedom to place it just about anywhere: tight spaces, on an angle, and out of the way!

4. Available for Plug-In at Your Place, or Ours!

No need to worry about crowded driveways or HOA restrictions, we offer onsite plug-ins at our facility! With our ports, you have the freedom to safely access your unit 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. No appointment necessary.

5. Completely Honest!

This one’s easy. When you’re working with us, there are no hidden fees of any kind. We charge upfront and you pay as you go, so you are always kept aware of what you are spending. We keep you in the loop when it comes to your wallet, just as it should be!

6. Partnered with Packing and Moving Services

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a lifetime, but with COOL-BINZ, it doesn’t have to be! We are proud to represent several partnerships with packing, loading, and moving services that can manage your move so you won’t have to lift a finger- after calling us of course! These services will pack up your belongings and load/unload your BIN. Now that’s what we call convenience.

7. Tightly Sealed

Here is Florida in two words: Heat and bugs. There’s a price to pay for living in Paradise, and that is battling the ridiculous insect population! Luckily, our BINZ are tightly and completely sealed to keep out those uninvited guests. These pests can be just as taxing on furniture and other storage items as the heat and humidity, but rest assured, they won’t stand a chance against our BINZ.

8. Insurable to Cover Any Potential Damages

We offer very inexpensive insurance options to cover any content damage for added peace of mind. While conducting your move or operating a business, don’t let fear slow you down. We want to make your projects as worriless as possible.

9. Constructed with Steel to Secure All Items

Your belongings are important, and they should be treated as such. Our BINZ are steel constructed to withstand any shifts during transports, as well as, fitted with E-track systems to securely fasten items. E-track rails provide slots to secure your items and lock them into place.

10. Efficiently Sized

We offer the most efficiently sized containers that hold up to 3 rooms of furniture! 8’W x 16’L x 8’H are our standard dimensions, but BINZ can be made available in a variety of sizes upon request.

If that wasn’t proof enough, please feel free to give us a call or head to our website for more details! See for yourself why COOL-BINZ is Easy as Park. Pack. Plug!