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Have you heard? COOL-BINZ has raised the bar on what the business community has come to expect from a portable storage container company.

Here’s how.

First, Design it Right.

Uniquely designed, our fully-insulated and climate-controlled Binz are the go-to solutions for many of our building industry partners and clients. Building professionals are no longer left with the single choice to use an inferior pod for storage or an ocean container type mobile mini office.

Second, Offer the Best Product.

COOL-BINZ unparalleled products offer top of the line portable climate-controlled storage Binz, Mobile Offices, Walk-in Refrigerated Coolers, and Freezers that provide our business partners the total project solution. Designed to plug into a 110v outlet gives them just another reason they are simple and more efficient to use.

Third, Have Exceptional Customer Service.

Being locally-owned and operated allows us the opportunity to offer personal customer service to our partners. We can adapt our products and deliveries to specific situations, unlike a 1-800 National Chain, and we offer co-branding opportunities for your company’s job-site advertising.

Lastly, Value Your Business Relationship.

Our goal is a lasting and mutually-beneficial relationship with our partners. To accomplish this, we offer a superior product with transparent pricing and without hidden fees or surprise charges. Our rental period is a full 30 days, unlike the 28-day billing cycle our competitors use.

Just a Few Successful Cool-Binz Partnerships:

  • Home Builders, Remodelers & Disaster Remediators
  • Realtors, Designers & Home Stagers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Event Planners & Florists
  • Country Clubs
  • Property Managers
  • Senior Relocations
  • Pack & Load Movers