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Climate-Controlled Portable Storage That’s Easy as Park. Pack. Plug!

Benefits of our Climate-Controlled, Insulated Storage

  • Guards Against Mold & Mildew
  • Insulated BIN Protects from Heat & Humidity
  • Sealed to Ward Off Rain and Pests
  • Simply Plugs into a 110v Outlet
  • Hassle-free Delivery and Maneuvers into Tight Spaces!

What We Offer

  • Insulated & Climate-Controlled A/C Portable Storage
  • Job-site Mobile Rooms/Offices
  • Walk-in Refrigeration Coolers
  • On-site parking at our Facility

Climate-Control vs. Air-Conditioning. What’s the difference?

We’re glad you asked! While our technology incorporates an A/C unit, it doesn’t stop there. Our BINZ are not to simply keep the air cool, but rather remove the humidity that’s inside and regulate the temperature and moisture in the air.

Our Advanced Delivery System

We have the competition beat, especially when it comes to our unique delivery system! Units such as PODS and PackRat require a straight line and a minimum of 30 feet for drop-off placement, while COOL-BINZ can be placed just about anywhere at any angle. We are able to maneuver our BINZ to squeeze into tight spaces to remain out of the way and out of sight for optimal convenience.

COOL-BINZ are COOLER Than You Think!

Opt for our Refrigerated BINZ for your Cooler Needs. We offer:

  • Ground Level Walk-in Refrigeration
  • Low Cost Delivery and Operation
  • Interior Dimensions 7’ x 11’
  • Additional Prep Space Inside with Outlet

Give Us a Call, Head to Our Website, or Stop in to Experience Cooler Storage for Yourself!

P: 239-370-2332


A: 5555 Taylor Road Naples, FL 34103